Tuesday, October 14, 2008

yesterday, i got interview for a writing job. i was stressed for the whole day. i even contemplated of not showing up at all. i felt i wont get accepted. luckily, on my way to the interview, i came across a friend. i asked her to accompany me on my interview which she obliged.

i was really happy. at that time, i need all the support. i was really discouraged and afraid of rejection. i was even thinking of backing out at the last minute.

after we ate our dinner, we proceeded to the interview. she even joined me on the small conference room with two more applicants. the interview was informal but i still got nervous.

then i found out that the show was a youth-oriented magazine show. i was disappointed. i was expecting a TGIS type of show. but it is fine with me. i hope i would be accepted. this raket would help me practise writing.

writing is my unrequited love. writing is the one competitive advantage i have that must be harnessed. though the chance is dim, i'm still hoping for the best.

in that interview, too, i realized that i need to build my writing portfolio. i cannot just state that i am writer without anything to back that statement.

from now on, i will write regularly. i need to do this for my own fulfillment and happiness.