Tuesday, October 14, 2008

yesterday, i got interview for a writing job. i was stressed for the whole day. i even contemplated of not showing up at all. i felt i wont get accepted. luckily, on my way to the interview, i came across a friend. i asked her to accompany me on my interview which she obliged.

i was really happy. at that time, i need all the support. i was really discouraged and afraid of rejection. i was even thinking of backing out at the last minute.

after we ate our dinner, we proceeded to the interview. she even joined me on the small conference room with two more applicants. the interview was informal but i still got nervous.

then i found out that the show was a youth-oriented magazine show. i was disappointed. i was expecting a TGIS type of show. but it is fine with me. i hope i would be accepted. this raket would help me practise writing.

writing is my unrequited love. writing is the one competitive advantage i have that must be harnessed. though the chance is dim, i'm still hoping for the best.

in that interview, too, i realized that i need to build my writing portfolio. i cannot just state that i am writer without anything to back that statement.

from now on, i will write regularly. i need to do this for my own fulfillment and happiness.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

when it is really over...

"And if I never see your face again, I don’t mind‘Cause we gone much further than I thought we’d get tonight"

sus eto lang pala magpapamuka na hinde ako dapat magbitter-bitteran sa lahat ng nangyari sa amin. ooppps... wag na ntin ungkatin kung sinu un.

basta. tama sila rihanna and maroon five vocalist.

i should just be thankful sa experience. whether it was horrible or heavenly. the most important thing is i had fun. i enjoyed it. tremendously i guess. di tatagal un ng almost a year kung hindi.

but when it ended i felt bitter to the end. to the point of wishing him the worst. hacking his friendster account. etc. basta puro evil thoughts.

sabe nga ni madonna "absolutely no regrets"

eto nga ang dapat.

i should just wish him the best pero i should stay away from him.

ayoko ko na pagamit.

ang pagkakaibigan kase ang pinakasagradong relasyon na pinapasok ng tao. at this point hinde pa nya kaya ibigay sa akin un. ung pure friendship. nakakalungkot pero ganun un. di ko kaya kontrolin un...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

first post


one na ata akong nakapag-create ng bagong account sa blogspot pero di pa rin ako makapag-post. isip ako ng isip ng title. tapos bisi-bisihan pa.

sabe ko i have to write something. sabi ko sa sarili ko kaya ako bibili ng laptop kase gusto kong maging blogger. hahahaha

kaya ito.

main reason bakit ko maging blogger e kase mahilig akong magbasa ng blog ng iba. enjoy akong makisawsaw sa buhay ng iba. in short tsismoso. ang tagal ko ring naging hobby ang mag blog hop. at dahil dun i learned a lot and meet spectacular people. not because i want to let the whole world know what's happening in my life. boring ang buhay ko.

proof??? i am librarian. boring pero this is the profession i chose. mahilig kase akong mag solo. takot ako sa mga relasyon at separations. i have a very small circle of friends. saka swak itong profession na ito kase ang dami kong gusto maging.

accountant. economist. script writer. architect. landscaping. businessman. jack of all trades nga. pero wala akong magagawa kase un ako. pero i want to make sure that i would realize all, if not at least 70% of all of these aspirations. one at a time. i still have almost 30 years to accomplished those.

so what to expect in this blog??? i will make sure na kwela ito. share some insights about issues. i want to speak up.

i dont pretend that im interesting. so sa mga maliligaw pasensya na. this will be my personal diary where all my thoughts will be gathered. and this shall be an outlet too of all my frustrations.

basta ill do my best to impart something in the ever balooning blogosphere.